11 ways to avoid CORONA Virus Infection

It’s important to understand that the rising COVID19 cases in our country are giving us clear signs of warning that CORONA Virus is going to stay quite longer with us and the fact that no one knows what response an individual’s body will give to the infection. It is better to be safe than sorry!! To ensure that CORONA Virus does not enters your body as well as your household, there are a number small changes that you should bring to the way you lived until now. Now is the time for some rejigs, which I have summarized in this blog of mine under – 11 ways to avoid CORONA Virus infection!!

1. Doubt everyone!

Behave like every person who comes into your contact other than the people in your house who follow all the social distancing norms and sanitation guidelines whenever they are out, don’t trust anyone who comes your way.

Obviously, you have no idea how they have been handling this situation. It is a fact that not everyone is following these simple step to avoid corona virus infection.

2. Do not touch your face without washing your hands!

Corona Virus can enter into your system through your- Nose, Mouth and even eye, so make it a habit not to touch your face from time to time without sanitizing or washing them. It is a simple practice and should be a part of routine even at home so that you are habituated not to do it anywhere and an integral part of how to avoid the Corona Virus Infection.

3. Always wear a mask when you go out!

Wearing a mask whenever you go out is as important as wearing a Helmet while you drive a two-wheeler on a highway, but wearing the mask in correct manner is even more important! This indeed is the most vital tip on how to avoid corona virus infection.

Remember that if you are working in a high risk zones then 3 Ply Masks(Medical Mask), N95 Masks, N99 Masks are useful for you in any other case a double layer Readymade/Homemade Cloth Mask (Non-Medical mask) is enough to protect you.

How to properly wear a mask?

4. Always wear a pair of glass along with your mask if you are travelling in a high risk zone!

As everyone is not paying attention to the fact that the internal nasal tract is connected with the tear producing duct of the eye, and if the virus enters into the tear duct then also the virus will infect you, so this is an important tip.

5. Always wear a mask when you interact with someone who has come from outside.

Even if he/she is standing at your doorstep. Always remember anyone at your door can be a carrier of unwanted Covid-19. Some of the infected people are asymptomatic, i.e they do not show any symptoms but are still infected and capable of infecting others and hence, wearing a mask always is a must!

6. Always sanitize or even wash with an alcohol based hand wash whatever enters your house

Be it your daily supplies, groceries, or your eCommerce package – make sure you wash everything nicely with water, packed items can be washed with little detergent or liquid soap. If the items are such that they can’t be washed then have a habit of keeping them out in the sun for 6-8 hours before using them.

7. Always follow the social distancing norms while making purchases at the shops, or while going to the ATM or even while walking on the road!

It is found through various research that weight Corona Viruses is more than that of other virus of the same series and this is that they do not travel very far away while spreading, this is the reason that simple step like following social distance and staying 6 ft. away from people at public spaces can also reduce your chances of getting infected.

8. Practice correct removal and disposal of face masks!

If you are using a re-usable cloth mask then have a habit of washing it every night once you are back from outside or if you are using a disposable mask then make sure you put it in a poly-bag or any kind of carry bag tie the opening and dispose it outside the house in the garbage bin.

Correct way to put on, remove and dispose a mask?

9. Avoid unwanted visitors at home, neither should you be visiting anyone without any emergency

– On a whole say no to non-urgent travel, the best that you can do for yourself, your family and the people around you is “Stay At Home!” Doubting everyone who comes in your contact is the best way to avoid the infection.

The children, the old family members, or family members with pre-existing medical issue are the most vulnerable to the infection and to safeguard them. The best you can do is stay away from them if you are travelling daily, maintain social distancing with them, wear a mask if you talk to them, etc.

10. Include a few immunity boosting habits in your life!

You should have a habit if consuming warm water/tea/coffee whenever you come back home from outside, take Golden Milk or Haldi Milk every night, take a few Vitamin C, Zinc and B-Complex capsules every day, you can also include a few herbal immunity boosters like Giloy Tablets(Tinospora cordifolia) and Kaadhaa/Concoction in your early morning routine as it helps clearing the throat from presence of  any unwanted viruses.

Along with this practice breathing exercises everyday to increase the capacity of your lungs, Corona Virus attacks the lungs and causes them to function at a lower efficiency and this can lead to permanent damage even after the patient has recovered fully.

11. Beware of FAKE NEWS about COVID-19 or CORONA Virus!

Having an incomplete knowledge about a serious issue like this is far more dangerous than having no knowledge. As fake news give way to incorrect steps, even incorrect medication and delay in contacting a specialist!

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  1. A wonderful, detailed, very informative and helpful guide at the right time. Thanks for writing this. I hope it reaches maximum people since awareness is the biggest problem solver. If people are aware after reading such an article, half of the job is done!

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