COVID-19 or the “CORONA VIRUS DISEASE is actually a global threat at present and no one is equipped to comment on the exact status of the outbreak at this point, may be it will end soon or may be this a tip of an ice-berg that’s visible right now!

So the best we can do is by being aware of the Do’s and Don’ts and act smartly!

I am not a doctor but fortunately my immediate family members are and therefore this article can be of some help to you, moreover I will be attaching the links to some professionals who have spoken about the same, apart from that if you are in India there are few helpline numbers where your doubts about COVID-19 can be resolved.

How can we save ourselves? (11 ways to avoid CORONA Virus Infection)

As you know, this is a “novel virus”, meaning to say nobody knows exactly how it behaves as no past researches have been done on this!

This is why it’s a real big threat. Whatever is known till now is as under-

It is effecting the people with lower immunity– Elderly people and small kids are easy targets

It can infect you if an infected person is coughing, sneezing, spitting near you (within 3 meters range)

If you come in contact with an infected area like- metal surface, cardboard, clothes, currency notes, public transport, etc.

If you have a habit of touching your face from time to time while you are out

So here is the least that you can do to be safe:

Wash your hands from time to time

Wear a mask!

(Some foreign doctors suggest that it should be worn by the infected people not the healthy ones but for a country like India, where the infected ones are least bothered, no one should take a chance!)

Avoid eating outside, especially avoid cold stuff and drink warm water all the day from time to time. Try to have water boiled with ginger, black pepper (Kaadhaa) and The Golden Milk (Haldiwala Doodh) to boost immunity against throat infections

Do not touch your face while you are travelling

Avoid handshakes

Wear clean clothes, wash your face hands and legs once you reach home with warm water and then only come in contact with your family members.

If washing your hand with soap is not possible then keep a sanitizer always ready with you!

Remember that Personal Hygiene is the key to fight this.

Keep in mind the sources from where you are gathering the informations, COVID-19 is a serious problem, while I am writing this blog more than 5000+ lives worldwide are already lost! No one exactly knows how to tackle it, everyone is only suggesting on basis of the little researches conducted till now, so be smart! If super power like USA couldn’t stop it from spreading then you can think about what the world is dealing with, but it’s not the time to panic….it’s time to act!

For more details, you can have a look at the link below-

Ministry of Health- COVID-19


COVID-19 Pandemic

The Indian Government is trying its best to cope up with the virus, but we have to act like responsible citizens and be aware of the problem and make others aware of it too, follow the instructions, keep ourselves and our people safe and let us fight this together!

If you face any of the below mentioned symptoms in yourself or someone in your family please call on the numbers given below the team will be there at your door step, do not go to public places and refrain from going to a normal hospital as you can spread it to others. Moreover, if you have visited a foreign country recently or have come in contact with someone who has then please take extra precautions.

The symptoms can be-

Dry coughing

Problem in breathing (can lead to pneumonia)

High Fever

Sore Throat (Pharyngitis)

Runny nose

In case you have any doubt, symptoms are visible and you want to confirm about it, please do not hesitate and call on the helpline numbers, avoid contact with others, be a responsible citizen and save yourself and your loved ones, timely medication can cure this disease, but not if it’s too late.

This is the time we should co-operate with the medical experts and put an end to this.

Please find the helpline numbers below-


List of Helpline numbers for States and UTs

List of helpline numbers

Please take care and spread awareness. Rely only on Authentic Sources!

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  1. That’s a very detailed and informative articles on #coronovirus infection! It’s a global emergency now!
    I hope more and more people read this and act wisely before its too late!
    Thanks for sharing !

  2. That’s a very detailed and informative articles on #coronovirus infection! It’s a global emergency now!
    I hope more and more people read this and act wisely before its too late!
    Thanks for sharing !

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