Bread Idli

Who wouldn’t love those fluffy rice dumpling as a breakfast in our common households! I mean they delicious, they are light for digestion and they are tasty!!

But however the process of making one involves a day’s preparation, so why not try something equally tasty, which requires a few minutes in the kitchen and Voila! It’s ready to tickle our taste buds

So here is the recipe for Bread Idli, yes it has been made out of bread and potatoes!


White/Brown Bread Slices- 8 with all sides removed

Boiled Potatoes- 4 medium sized

Garam Masala- 1 spoon

Coriander(Dhaniya) powder- 2 spoons

Red Chilli powder- ¼ spoon

Salt- 1 spoon

Cumin(Jeera)- ½ spoon

Green Chilli- 2 Chopped


Curry(Meethi Neem) Leaves- 8-10

Carom(Raii) Seeds- 2 spoons

Curd- Small Bowl

Tamarind(Imli) water or any Khatti Meethi Chatni


Take the boiled potatoes in bowl and mash them. Put a frying pan over the flame, add 2 spoons of oil to it and when it’s hot, add the chopped green chillies, Cumin followed by the potatoes.

After few minutes, add the garam masala, coriander powder, red chilli powder and salt and fry till the potatoes look cooked.

Now in serving spoon or a tadka spoon take some oil and put it over a medium flame, add carom seeds and curry leaves to it. Put off the flame once the seeds start crackling.

Take a shallow pan and put over a low flame. Take a bread slice, dip it into clean water, put a small portion of the fried potato in the center and cover it with bread, half. So that you end up having a tikki covered from bread on one side and potato on the other. It surely would look like Idli from the bread’s side.

Now repeat the same with all the left bread slices, put some oil in the pan and keep 4 of the bread idlis over it from the potatoes sides. That means we are trying to shallow fry the bread idlis from the potato sides, keeping the bread side visible to us.

Remove the idlis from the pan once they are crispy on the potato side.

Now put them in serving plate keeping the bread side up, spraed curd over it, followed by a few carom seeds and curry leaves and add the Imli Chatni on the top!

Bread Idlis are ready to be served!

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