Chhola with Multi-Flour Bhatura

We all love  Chhole-Bhature, but the only problem is with the Maida used in its preparation….but what if the Maida is added in small amount to retain the taste but the Bhaturas aren’t at all heavy and tough to digest, this is the reason I am sharing my recipe for Multi-Flour Bhatura with you all.

Here is the Multi-Flour Bhatura with Chhola recipe, please try it and let me know in the comments how it was!

Bhatura dough has be prepared at least 6 hours before the time you want to fry the Bhaturas and the Chickpeas or Kabuli Chana have to be soaked overnight for best taste!

  • Preparation Time: 6 hours prior
  • Cooking Time: 40 min
  • Serves 4 people
  • Tbsp = Table Spoon
  • Tsp = Tea Spoon


For the Dough-

Maida(All-purpose Flour)- 1 cup

Besan(Gram flour)- 1/2 cup

Atta(Wheat flour)- 1/2 cup

Curd- 2 cups

Oil- 4 spoons

Salt- ¼ spoon

Baking soda- ¼ spoon

Ajwain(Carom seeds)- ½ spoon

Oil or ghee for frying

Warm water- About 2-3 cups

For Chhole-

Kabuli Chana(Chickpeas)- 2 cups, soaked at least for 12 hours

Tez-patta(Bay Leaves)-2

Badi elaichi(Black Cardamom)- 2

Lal Mirch(Dry Red Chilli)- 1 small

Dal-chini(Cinnamon)- 2 small pieces

Jeera(Cumin)- 1 tsp

Dry Dhaniya(Coriander seeds)- 1/2 spoon

Ajwain(Carom seeds)- ¼ tsp

Lehsun(Garlic)- 2 pieces (optional)

Adrak(Ginger)- 1 small piece

Hari Dhaniya(Cilantro or Coriander leaves)- 3-4 strands, finely chopped

Hari Mirch(Green Chillies)-  2 to 3

Pyaz(Onion)- 2 medium size

Chole Masala- 1.5 Tbsp (if it is not there, use a mix of garam masala, dhaniya powder & haldi)

Oil- 2 to 3 tsp

Amchur or Khatai(Dried Mango powder)- ½ tsp


For the Dough-

Take a large vessel to knead the dough, put maida, besan, atta, add 4 tsp of oil, salt, baking soda and give them a good mix using your hands. Now add curd to it and kneed, add warm water if required.

Make a soft dough and keep it covered at a warm place in your kitchen for at least 6 hours.

After 6 hours you will see the dough has risen, you can fry the bhaturas at that point if you want otherwise store the dough in refrigerator.

For Chhole-

Firstly, rinse the soaked kabuli chana twice. Take a pressure cooker, add the kabuli chana, 1 tsp salt, 1 badi elaichi, 1 tez-patta, 1 small piece of dal-chini and water(so that the water is about ½ cm above the chana.

Keep the pressure cooker over high flame initially, lower the flame after 1 whistle and let it give at least 4-5 whistles more.

Once all the steam has escaped check if the kabuli chana is cooked completely or not.

Note: If you feel that the kabuli chana is way too hard even after soaking overnight, then use baking soda instead of salt in the pressure cooker.

Secondly, take the grinder jar and add chopped pyaz, hari mirch, badi elaichi, tez patta, ajwain, lal mirch, lehsun, adrak, coriander seeds, dal-chini and grind into a coarse paste.

Thirdly, in a large frying pan, add Oil(I prefer mustard oil, if you want you can use any oil of your choice, even olive oil can give taste to it, I have tried that too), add jeera, whe it starts to crackle add the grinded masala paste and fry while stirring occasionally over medium and high flame until the oil separates from the paste.

Add water(2-3 spoons) if it appears to be too dry. When the masala leaves the sides of the kadhai add chhole Masala or your homemade masala mix( of your chaoice), fry for another 2 min and add 1 cup of water and cook for 2 min.

Now take the boiled kabuli chana and mash almost 1/4th of it using a spachulaa and add it to the kadhai and mix well with the masala, if you want it to be with morw gravy add more water and add salt accordingly.

After cooking for 5 min, add Amchur or Khatai into it and mix well, switch off the flame and garnish with Hari Dhaniya.

You can now fry the Bhatura now and serve with Chhola and love…your Chhola with Multi-Flour Bhatura is ready!!

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