Custard Chocolate Marble Cake

Marble cakes are a mix of dark and light coloured batter, they are super tasty and super beautiful to look at!

We shall be making an eggless Custard Chocolate Marble Cake where one batter will be custard flavoured and the other batter will be chocolate flavoured. The ingredients are very simple and easily available.

 I have made the cake in pan, but the same batter can be used in Oven or Microwave rest all the steps remain same.


(makes almost a half kg cake)

Maida- 250gm or 1.5 cup

Wheat Atta- 250gm or 1.5 cup

Milk- 1 glass almost

Baking powder- 1 spoon full

Baking soda- ½ spoon

Sugar- 6-8 spoons, grinded into fine powder

Custard powder- 3 spoons

Vanilla essence- 2-3 drops

Cocoa powder or Chocolate powder or even any normal chocolate bar will do- 4 spoons or 3 small bars

Ghee- 4 spoons


Take a bowl and add maida, atta, baking powder, baking soda into it and mix all of them uniformly.

Now transfer half of the above bowl’s mixture into another bowl, one of these bowls is for the light coloured batter (Custard) and the other one is for dark coloured batter (Chocolate).

Dark coloured batter- Take a small grinder jar and add ½ cup of milk into it, cocoa powder or break and put the chocolate bars into it, also add 4 spoons of sugar into it and grind into a fine paste.

Put this mix into the one of the bowls and give a good mix, we have make a smooth floating consistency batter not a runny one, for that you can add more milk if needed.

Light coloured batter- Take the other bowl, add 4 spoons of sugar and custard powder to it and mix nicely, now add vanilla essence and milk slowly slowly in parts so that a batter of same consistency as the dark coloured batter is created.

Note: In case you don’t have vanilla essence and custard powder at home, still the cake can be made without them.

If you want to bake this in pan then grease it with 4 spoons of ghee uniformly.

If you want to bake it then grease your baking dish/tray normally.

There is a trick how to pour the batter into the pan/baking dish, you have to start at the center and pour almost 2 spoons of one of the batter followed by same amount of the other batter and keep repeating the same till you get circular ring of alternate colour and both the batters are completely used. Now you can bake the cake as it is if you want or you can make more patterns on the top as I did and then bake it. Have a look at the gif attached.

Bake the cake for 10-15 min a pan (if you want to bake it in a pan, keep the flame at low all the time, cover the pan with a lid) or 15-20 min in Oven, put a knife into it on the side part and check if it comes out clean, this means the cake is ready! Serve with love.

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