Gulabjamun is a mouth-watering super sweet dish from India which tastes heavenly when served hot….it’s a food craving that every sweet tooth person in India can relate to!

Since it is evident that now onwards we all shall prefer home cooked food for next few months due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, here is the recipe for making Gulabjamun at home so that you can indulge in this sweet affair whenever you like!

Ingredients- (Serves 12-15 Gulabjamuns)

Khoya (Mawa) or Condensed Milk or Milkmaid- 1 Cup

Maida (All-Purpose Flour)- ½ Cup

Suji (Samolina)- ¼ Cup

Elaichi (Cardamom)- 5, Fine powder

Baking Powder- ¼ Spoon

Sugar- 1 Cup

Water- 1 ½  Cups

Milk- Few Spoons

Ghee or Refined Oil for deep frying

Note- If you are using milkmaid then more of Maida and Suji will be used, so the quantity will increase accordingly and milk won’t be needed.


Take a shallow vessel for kneading the dough, add Khoya, Maida, Suji, Elaichi powder, Baking Powder and give it a good mix so that everything is distributed uniformly.

Khoya in itself release some ghee into the dough so that a soft dough is created if not so then you may add some milk in order to have a soft dough.

Keep the Dough aside for 5-10 min.

Meanwhile take a Sauce Pan and add water and sugar to it, keep it for boiling so that the quantity is reduced a bit and a thick sugar syrup is created.

Now take the dough, knead it again and make unform small sized round balls, the size of the balls increases after frying, so decide it accordingly, preferably small sized gulabjamuns taste better as the syrup reaches till their center!

Put a deep frying pan over the flame and add ghee or Oil to it. The quantity should be as such that the balls are fully submerged in the ghee.

When the ghee is hot add the balls for frying, one by one, be gentle with them, keep adjusting the flame (keep it low mostly) and moving the balls so that a uniform dark brown color is achieved.

Once the syrup is ready keep the balls dipped in it for 5min and serve them with love! 🙂

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