Matar Kachori

Matar Kachori is a native of Northern India and it a delicacy in winters. Spicy, Hot and full of flavours it is easy to make your mouth water any time. Do try the recipe if you haven’t yet and let me know in your comments!

Ingredients- (Good to prepare 7-8 Kachoris)                                          

  1. For the filling:

Green Peas- ½ kg

Spring Onion- 3-4 leaves

Boiled potatoes- 4

Green Chillies- 4 finely chopped

Fresh Coriander Leaves- finely chopped

Garam Masala- 2 tea spoons

Coriander powder- 1 Table Spoon

Red Chilli Powder- ½ Tea Spoon

Salt- 1 table spoon

Cumin- 1 Table Spoon

Ghee- 1 Spoon

  • For the Kachori Dough:

All Purpose Flour (Maida) – 4 Cups

Wheat flour- 2 Cups

Salt- ½ Table Spoon

Carom (Ajwain) – 2 Table Spoons

Ghee- 2 Table Spoons


  1. For the Matar Filling-

Take a deep frying pan, put it over a medium flame and add 1 spoon of Ghee and Cumin Seeds. When seeds start to crackle add the green chillies, peas, spring onions and coriander leaves, add half cup of water and cover the lid. Keep it over the medium flame till the peas become soft and fully cooked.

Wait till the mixture cools down, add the boiled potatoes, salt, garam masala, coriander powder, red chilli powder and mash everything to form a course paste.

  • For the Dough-

Take a big bowl for the dough, add Maida and wheat flour to it, add ghee, salt, Ajwain and mix well without adding water. Now, add water slowing in parts and kneed into soft dough.

Keep it aside for half an hour.

  • For the Kachori-

Take a deep frying pan and refined oil in order to deep fry the Kachori.

Take small portion of the dough make it round and flat using your palm. When it’s about the size of your palm add the Matar filling and close it to give the shape of a Kachori, try to flatten it a bit with your hand but keep in mind not to open it from any side!

Now, turn the flame of the frying pan to medium and add the Kachori, deep fry it on the medium flame till it takes a round shape and turns brown in colour!

It is ready to be served hot with Chatni/Sauce of your choice! J

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