No Oven Chocolate Cake

There is no season for cakes actually, especially if they are homemade!

This is a recipe for a very basic chocolate cake that you can bake without oven and serve to your loved ones, the cake is plain and if you want you can add nuts/cherries to it according to your wish. I love experimenting with my food, if you think something is missing in the recipe do let me know in the comments or write a mail to me!


Milkmaid- 200gm

Maida (All-purpose flour) – 2 Full Cups

Coco Powder- 5 Table Spoon or Chocolate Compound- 50gm

Cadbury Chocolate Powder- 4 Spoons (or any other drinking chocolate powder)

Baking Powder- 1 Spoon

Vanilla Essence- 4 drops

Butter (Melted) – 2 Spoons

Oil- 2 Spoons (Refined Oil or Olive Oil)

Powdered Sugar- Β½ Cup (Use as per your choice)

Milk at room temperature- 1 glass (used as per requirement)

Utensils Needed: 1 medium sized pressure cooker (without whistle), some sand to put at base of the cooker to form a uniform 1cm thick layer at the bottom, 1 medium sized bowl, 1 large bowl, 1 vessel which is shaped so as to get inside the pressure cooker ( If you don’t have any such vessel then you can use 2 small bowls that can be put inside the cooker and make the cake in 1 at a time)

Cooking Method:

Take medium sized bowl and add the Milkmaid, Sugar, Vanilla Essence, Chocolate Powder/Melted Chocolate Compound (You can melt it by adding it to hot milk and stirring continuously), Coco Powder, Butter, Oil and mix all of them with a help of a spoon.

Now take a big bowl and sieve the Maida and Baking Powder into it, so that both are mixed evenly, you can even mix them by adding them to the bowl but keep a check that they are mixed evenly!

 Now take the vessel or the vessels you have chosen for the baking- grease them uniformly with oil from the inside.

Keep the cooker without whistle over a medium flame covered with the lid.

Now to your large bowl of the Maida and Baking Powder mixture- add the mixture present in the medium sized bowl i.e the Milkmaid one. Keep stirring the mixture while adding milk to it, so that a medium consistency cake batter is formed (remember- you never have to stir it very hard and the greased vessels should be ready beforehand)

Now fill the baking vessel/vessels with the batter (remember to put the batter only till half of the vessel, if it is more than that you should use another greased vessel)

Now remove the lid of the pressure cooker and put the baking vessel into it with care. Place the lid and keep it at medium flame for next half an hour.

After half an hour, remove the lid carefully and put the clean knife into the cake to see if it comes out clean! If it comes out clean you should remove the cake if not then cover it again and repeat the process after 5-10 minutes.

After removing the cake keep it aside for 5 minutes for it to cool, then use a knife to clear the edges and invert the vessel on a clean plate to take out the cake!

It’s ready to be cut and served J

If you have batter in multiple vessels then you have to repeat the same process each time!

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