Paneer Kolhapuri

Paneer Kolhapuri originally belongs to the Maharashtrian cuisine as the name suggests. Paneer Kolhapuri is famous for its flavourful spicy taste and rich aroma. There are many ways to cook the dish but the main catch lies in the Kolhapuri masala that gives the flavour to the gravy, I have included the entire process of making the masala at home in this recipe, you can even prepare and store this masala for future use.

So let’s begin…


( serving for 4 )

Paneer- 150 gm approx., diced

Pyaz(Onion)- 1, medium size (optional)

Tamatar(Tomato)-2, medium size

Kaaju(Cashew)- 4 pieces

Hing(Asafoetida)- very small pinch

Adrak(Ginger)- 1 small piece

Hari Mirch(Green Chillies)-2

Jeera(Cumin)- 1 tsp

Tez patta(Bay Leaf)-1

Lal Mirch(Dry Red Chilli)- 1

Haldi(Turmeric) powder- 1 tsp

Dhaniya powder( Coriander powder)- 2 tsp

Garam Masala- 1 tsp

Hari Dhaniya(Green Coriander leaves or Cilantro)- few strands, chopped

Fresh Cream-1 tsp

Salt- 2 tsp approx.

Oil- 2 tbsp

For the Kolhapuri masala:

Sukha Nariyal(Dry coconut)- ½ cup, grated

Kala til(Black Sesame)- ½ tsp

Saunf(Anise)- ½ tsp

Jeera(Cumin)- 2 tsp

Chhoti Elaichi(Green Cardamom)- 1

Badi Elaichi(Black Cardamom)-1

Dal-Chini(Cinnamon)- 1 small piece

Sukhi Lal Mirch(Dry Red Chilli)- 1


For the Kolhapuri masala:

Take a saute pan, put it over the flame. When the pan is hot put grated nariyal, kala til, saunf, jeera, chhoti elaichi, badi elaichi, dai-chini, sukhi lal mirch and roast. Put the flame on medium and keep frying the contents continuously for almost 5 min.

Keep this mixture aside, once it cools grind it without water into a coarse power.

For the Gravy:

Take the tamatar, pyaz(if you are putting it), adrak, kaaju, hari mirch, add little water if needed for grinding. Grind all the ingredients into a fine paste.

Now take a deep frying pan or a kadhai and add oil to it, once the oil is hot add jeera, bay leaf, lal mirch, once jeera starts to crack, add the grinded tamatar masala paste and keep frying on low and high flames alternately until the masala is cooked completely and oil can be seen on the sides.

Once the masala is cooked, add haldi, garam masala, dhaniya powder, lal mirch powder, hing and cook for 2 min, add 1-2 tsp water if needed.

Now, add the prepared Kolhapuri masala to the gravy masala and cook nicely for 2-3 min, until a nice aroma is noticed, add ½ cup water and cook for another 2 min and then add the diced paneer and half cup of water( if you want more gravy add water accordingly), and salt.

Mix everything nicely and keep cooking over high and low flames alternately for 2-3 min.

Add the Coriander leaves and garnish with fresh cream and serve with your choice of breads/ chapatti.

Spicy Paneer Kolhapuri is ready to satisfy your palate!

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