Paneer Manchurian

Have you ever felt that craving when you have to have something spicy…something mouthwatering and then you end up having Manchurian as it was the perfect match for that time!!!

For some of those days when you feel like indulging in the spicy strings of flavors that Manchurian spreads in your taste buds, The Chatori Virgo is sharing Paneer Manchurian Recipe here with you-

Ingredients: (Good to Serve 2 people)

finely chopped- 1/2 Capsicum

50 gm- mashed Paneer

finely chopped 1/2 carrot

2 tea spoons of corn flour

1 table spoon of maida

1 Onion- Diced into long pieces

1/2 Capsicum- Diced into long pieces

Small amount of cabbage if you like it

1/2 carrot- Diced into long pieces

3 green chillies- Diced into long pieces

1 pack of Knorr Manchurian Mix

1. To make Manchurian balls- Add the finely chopped vegetables along with a small amount of salt to the corn flour and maida, add little water to mix and make small soft balls. Shallow fry the balls in refined oil, take out on tissues so that extra oil is absorbed.

2. Now pan fry the rest of vegetables, mix the Knorr Manchurian mix in normal water (2 cups), add to the pan of fried vegetables. Stir the mixture well and keep over low flame for 5 min.

3. After the mixture boils and thickens, add the Manchurian balls after putting off the flame.

4. Serve with love after 10 min.

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