Rajma-Sattu Kabab

Rajma-Sattu Kabab is one of the many varieties of vegetarian kababs. Veg kakabs can be made out of vegetables or even different dals like this one. Rajma-Sattu Kabab is famous for it’s aromatic fragrance and flavourful taste. The flavours are mostly imparted due to the presence of Cashews, Saffron, Rose/Kewada water.

I am sharing a simple yet yummy Rajma-Sattu Kabab recipe with you all. The recipe is a good choice for gym goers as it is full of protein and due to its scrumptious taste, it is surely gonna be loved by you all.


(Good for 8-10 kababs)

Rajma(Kidney beans)-1 cup (Soaked in water for at least 5-6 hours)

Kaju(Cashews)- 5-6 pieces(soaked in water for 10-15min)

Tez patta(Bay Leaf)-1

Rose water- 1 spoons(optional)

Kesar(Saffron)- few strands(optional)

Sattu(Roasted Gram Flour)- 1 cup

Ghee- ½ cup approx.

Adrak(Ginger Paste)- 1 spoon

Lal Mirch( Red Chilli)- 1

Kali Mirch(Black Pepper)- 4

Badi Elaichi(Black Cardamom)- 2

Dal-chini(Cinnamon)- 1 small piece

Chhoti Elaichi(Green Cardamom)- 1

Garam Masala- 1 Tea-Spoon

Namak- 1 Spoon


Take the soaked rajma beans in a grinder jar and add soaked cashews, ginger paste, tej patta, kesar, adrak paste, lal-mirch, kali mirch, badi elaichi, dal-chini chhoti elaichi. Also add few spoons of water if required for grinding.

Once the mixture is grinded into a fine paste, empty the contents into a large bowl. Now add sattu, salt, garam masala, rose water, 2 spoons of ghee, and mix everything uniformly using your fingers.

If the the mix feels to be too flowy add few spoons of sattu more to get a mixture that can hold its shape like a kabab. Now shape the kababs into small rounds, if the kababs feel sticky use ghee on your palms to shape them.

After you have made kabab shaped portions. Add ghee to a saute pan or any shallow pan and cook the kakabs over medium flame till they turn brown in colour on both the sides.

Serve the hot kababs with Spicy Green Chatni( Contains Ginger, Chilli, Coriander Leaves, Cumin and salt) 🙂

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