Samosa !

Samosa, yes…the king of evening snacks!

I remember my college days when I use to go for having these sinful taste blasts even if I had to bunk my lectures….what to do…the cravings were really strong!

I belong to a place where there is no munching without hot samosas, and yes whoever has had them, loves them definitely…..but how to get it when you can’t go out?

Well…why not just cook them at home?

So here is the quick samosa recipe, let’s begin.


(Serves around 10 samosa)

For the Dough-

Maida- 2 cups

Suji (fine)- 1 cup (if you don’t have fine Suji then use 3 cups of Maida in total)

Salt- 1 tsp

Ajwain(Carom seeds)- 1 tsp

Ghee/ Refined Oil- 3 tbsp

For the filling-

Aloo(Boiled Potatoes)- 4-5, medium size, mashed

Adrak (Ginger paste)- 1 tsp, paste

Jeera(Cumin)- 1 tsp

Khada Dhaniya(Dry Coriander)- 1/4 tsp

Dhaniya patta(Green Coriander leaves)- 3-4 strands, finely chopped

Amchur( Dry mango powder)- ½ tsp

Hari Mirch(Green Chillies)- 2, finely chopped

Lal Mirch powder( Red Chiili powder)- ½ tsp

Garam Masala- 1 tsp

Dhaniya(Coriander powder)- 1tsp

Matar( Green peas)- ½ cup (if available)

Refined Oil- 1 cup (amount may vary as the Samosas have to be deep fried)

Kaaju(Cashew)- 5-6 pieces, broken(this is an optional ingredient)

Salt- 1tbsp


For the Dough-

Take a large bowl, add maida, suji, salt, Ajwain and 3 tbsp oil/ghee. Give everything a good mix using your hand, take a portion in your palm, press and see if the shape holds or not( this is done to check if more ghee/oil has to be added or not for maintain the crisp of the samosa).

If the shape of the mix doesn’t holds, add 1 tsp ghee/oil more and repeat the above process.

If the shape of the mix holds then add small amount of water and knead, keep adding water in small amounts until you get a tight dough(keep in mind that the crisp will be maintained only when the dough is tight)

Now, cover and keep the dough aside for 20-30 min.

For the filling-

Take a frying pan, add 2 tsp oil to it, when the oil is hot, add jeera, green chillies, adrak paste, khada dhaniya, matar(optional), kaaju(optional) mix everything and add the mashed potatoes.

Mix potatoes with all others, fry for 2min and add garam masala, dhaniya powder, lal mirch powder, amchur and fry everything together for 5 min, then add salt and dhaniya patta.

Mix and switch off the flame, take the filling out in a plate and let it cool.

Making the Samosa-

Take out small portion of the dough and use the rolling pin(belan) to make round chapatti, smaller than chapatti larger than a puri.

Divide the chapatti into two halves, take one half and make a cone by overlapping the straight side from the center, seal the same using water on finger tip.

Now put the filling into the cone so that the filling does not overflow, then seal the lowr portion of the cone as well using water on the finger tip.

(Take help from the video shared here)

Method to fill the samosa.

Repeat the same for the entire dough and potato filling.

Now place a large frying pan over the flame and add about a cup of oil into it, when the oil starts to get hot, lower the flame and add 3-4 somasas for frying.

Remember the flame has to be low all the time and the samosas have to be deep fried until they turn brown in colour.

Keep turning them to avoid any raw side.

The samosas are ready to be served with green chatni!!!!

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