Medu Vada

Medu Vada is a deep fried crispy fritter snack, it is the first choice of every South Indian cuisine lover! Medu Vada are fondly served and consumed in southern parts of India, as well as Nepal and Sri Lanka.

These super tasty option if you are looking for a morning breakfast or evening snack option….so let’s see how it’s made!


(Good to serve 4-5 people)

Urad Dal(Black gram)- 2 cups, soaked over-night(or at least 4 hours)

Pyaz(Onion)- 1/2 cup, finely chopped

Hari Mirch(Green chillies)- 3, finely chopped

Meethi neem(Curry leaves)- 10-15 leaves

Nariyal(Coconut)- ½ cup, grated

Jeera(Cumin)- 1 tbsp

Lal mirch(Red Chilli) powder- 1tsp

Hari Dhaniya(Green coriander leaves)- ½ cup, finely chopped

Adrak(Ginger) paste- 1 spoon

Ajwain(Carom seeds)- 1 tsp

Kali Mirch(Black Pepper) powder- 1 tsp

Salt- 2 tbsp

Oil for deep frying


Take the soaked Urad dal and drain all the water from it, grind it with the minimum possible amount of water- if it will be very liquid in consistency the vada won’t take a proper shape!

Once the it is grinded, take it in a large bowl and add chopped pyaz, hari mirch, meethi neem, jeera, nariyal, lal mirch powder, hari dhaniya patta, adrak paste, kali mirch powder, Ajwain and salt to it.

Mix everything uniformly, you can add more salt if you wish.

Now take deep frying pan, add oil into it. Note that Oil shouldn’t to be very hot, it should have a medium temperature, if the flame is too high the vada will be over cooked from outside but inside it would be un-cooked. Frying of the vada is time taking process and you have to be patient with with it.

Now take water in a small bowl, wet your both the palms with water and take a dollop of the vada mix on your palm, use little water and flatten it. Take help of the video I have attached here, make a hole in the center and carefully slip the vada into the frying pan.

Video shows how to shape the vada

Video shows to slip the vada into the frying pan

Take utmost care in doing so as the hot oil can cause serious burns, you will be able to fry 4-5 vada at a time. Once they take a brown colour uniformly, take them out on tissues so that extra oil is absorbed. They are now ready to be served with love and chatni!!

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