Vegetable Noodles

Please make full use of your stay at home, and why not do it when you can save lives by this simple act….keep yourself calm, stay healthy and learn new practices with each passing day! Sharing with you my recipe for easy homemade Vegetable Noodles!

Cook, Exercise, Learn some new Software, Meditate, Write, Show love to your family, Video Call your relatives…..tell your crush how much you love him/her!!!

Huh! So much to do….

Because the lockdown days will go but what we learn during these days will stay with us forever!

So as we all are aware of there is going to be a lot of home cooking for next 21 days let’s have something delicious to munch on and make some Vegetable Noodles!


Serves 5

Capsicum(Shimla Mirch)- 1 medium sized (chopped in long thin pieces)

Carrot(Gajar)- 1 medium sized (chopped in long thin pieces)

Cabbage(Patta Gobhi)- 1 cup (chopped in long thin pieces)

Green Chillies(Mirch)- 3 (chopped in long thin pieces)

Onion(Pyaz)- 1 medium sized (chopped in long thin pieces)

Spring Onion(optional)- a few pieces

Boiled Noodles- Large Bowl

Soya Sauce- 4 Table Spoons

Chilli Sauce- 4 Table Spoons

Tomato Sauce- 3 Table Spoons

Plain Vinegar- 4 Table Spoon

Salt- 1 Table Spoon

Oil- 4 Table Spoons

Vegetables to be cut as shown above


Take a large frying pan, add oil, when the oil is hot, add the chopped onions, chillies, capsicum and carrot to it and cover with a lid.

After 5 min give it a good mix and add the chopped cabbage and again put the lid.

When the carrots and capsicums are cooked, add the boiled noodles to the same, give a good mix to all the noodles and vegetables, now add salt to it, keep the flame low!

Now take a small bowl mix all the sauces and vinegar in it, mix and add this uniformly to the noodles.

Once done with sauces, cook everything over low flame by mixing continuously for next 2-3 min.

The Vegetable Noodles are ready to be served now!

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