How to enjoy your Life!

Hey All,

I know for many of you this is not something to be read in a blog….I mean who has to learn how to enjoy one’s life!! 😛

But, yes there are a few people who have to read such things in order to enjoy what they have….the reasons can be anything- may be no one to share such feelings or may be not knowing the problem or may be Overthinking! Yeah, you heard it right…overthinking can be the reason behind your unhappiness!

I know for quite a huge number of people around us life is not as easy as a cake walk….but I have also seen many people who face enormous difficulties in life  but still smile at every curve ball that life throws at them!

There was a dialogue in a movie- “If life is throwing lemons at you all the time….it’s up to you whether you move around putting a sour face or make lemonades out of those lemons have enjoy it!”

From where do such people come? Well, even you can be one such person, the only thing you have to practice is feeling of gratitude….gratitude for what you have and the zeal to continue and get ready for the next day!

Gratitude actually helps you understand this more clearly as when you feel thankful for what you have, you feel satisfied and more clearly see where you want to be and start working accordingly….success that is earned overnight is always short lived…’s your attitude and your consistency that takes you forward in life. And for that obviously, you have to enjoy your life….you have to enjoy your present….what you have or what you are doing!!

Do you know what is the biggest problem with people who fail to enjoy their present moment is?

They actually are not present in their present….they are either busy in comparing their past with their present or they are super worried about what the future holds! But in this process they completely forget that the present is the most important part of their life…..the past can never be changed and no one knows what the future holds….but what we have right now with us is only and only our present and funny thing is that the future can be shaped only by the actions done in the present! Then why are you worried about the future when you should be working in the present to shape the same?

I mean, I am just saying….isn’t this so straight forward! Well thinking about your past and comparing your life with what it was, crying over the spilled milk is the utmost wastage of time… the sooner you understand that life never remains the same for all nor do two people can have the same life and same circumstances, the sooner you start enjoying what you have, you become a happy soul!

Comparisons are real culprit! The moment you start comparing your life, job, wealth, relations, etc. with anyone around you… start feeling the pain, pressure, dissatisfaction and envy and there my dear you have lost it… is not the same for everyone, sometimes it is under our control, but mostly it is not! And what is not even in your control….how the hell are you going to change it?

Remember that while people like me and you have access to such luxuries of life like- Internet, Phone or Laptop……there are many to even don’t have clean water to drink!!

With this I wish you and your family A Very Happy New Year!!!!

Try not to repeat your mistakes of past and enjoy what you have.

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